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 I became interested in missing persons cases back in 2006 from my own heartbreaking personal experience. My uncle vanished, seemingly into the abyss. I was blind to what the word missing even meant. I was young and personally did not grip the magnitude of the situation at first. However, I can recall this day and every day that shortly followed like it was yesterday. For six agonizing weeks I was surrounded by chaos. Sheer madness plagued my family and our lives turned into a daily cycle of searching for him. Looking in the same places, following the same leads and hanging up the same missing persons poster, only for it to blow away with the wind. The prolonged days and nights would end with the same outcome which was nothing. How could a seemingly normal everyday guy with nothing but the clothes on his back just EVAPORATE into thin air? Dissipating, never to return again. 

My family didn't care where he had gone, we just wanted him back, back home where he belonged.

Unfortunately, our wish came true but not in the way we would have hoped. One of the most important people in my life was found deceased. Not only was he found in a manner none of us could have ever imagined, but he was only a quarter mile away from his home. The whole time he was right there, waiting to be uncovered. In that moment our world came crashing down around us all. Like the clashing of thunder on a warm summer's day but, this was November. So many questions with very few answers, and some questions still remain unanswered to this day, in the year 2022. I obsessed over his death for many years, simply because nothing made sense. How does someone just walk off and is never heard from again? Today my mind doesn't wonder into the unknown of what could have actually happened that day. Today I put my energy to better use because there are still families out there that are going through what my family went through all the years ago. All I know is as I sit here writing this is today that I am beyond grateful my uncle was FOUND.

Deceased is not what I hang onto anymore. I can't. Although my heart has a huge void, I know myself or my family would not be where we are today if he was still one of the missing. So now I try and put myself in these families' shoes, the shoes I never intended to wear all those years ago.

This site is dedicated to the most amiable, compassionate, generous, practical and wittiest person that I've ever met. Even though I was only blessed with your presence for fifteen years, those years hold many unforgettable memories that and I will preserve for a lifetime. 

"A man, A can, A plan"


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