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A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

When we bring children into the world our first thought and instinct is to protect them. You feel as if you would do anything to keep them from harm. We nurture them and teach them the ways of the world. For many children, they are raised in a two-parent household, with support and love from both. Others have a single parent, still fighting to protect them from anything. But what happens when a parent is the one a child needs protection from? Today’s story looks at what happened to Ava Baldwin.

I want to thank Shayna, from Light the Way for bringing me this story. I would also like to thank Tina, Ava’s aunt who is desperate to find her niece. Alongside Ava’s father David in a fight, they hope will they don’t have to pursue much longer.

Ava Grace Baldwin was born April,6,2009, to Mother Kathryn Ann Baldwin in San Antonio, Texas. A whirlwind romance started in 2008 when David Hopper met Kathryn Baldwin. It was in a recovery group led by David in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The two struck up a conversation and fell head over heels for one another. They quickly married in a small, simple church wedding with plans for a huge one. The extravagate wedding Kathryn hoped for would never come because David saw Kathryn’s true colors. Only married a month, David filed for divorce. David realized Kathryn was not who she made herself out to be. She was a good liar with mental health issues she was not taking care of properly. The pair would split, with Kathryn going back to San Antonio. Soon after, Kathyrn and David were face to face in a court room when Kathryn dropped a bomb. She was pregnant. Even though this was unexpected and unplanned David attempted to make the best of the situation. The two had a cordial relationship with David supported Kathryn finically, although the two lived separately. He was present at all doctors' appointments and was buying all things baby. Then, about two months prior to the birth of Ava, Kathryn dropped off the face of the earth.

Ava and her father David

No one could find Kathryn until Tina found Kathryn on Myspace. Figuring out where Kathryn took off to, David filed with the courts to see his daughter. When Ava was six months old, David was able to see her briefly, and the court took a DNA test to determine if David was the biological father. The DNA results came back that David Hopper was indeed Ava’s father. When this was confirmed, David proceeded to file for joint custody of her, David was awarded joint custody. For many years David tried everything to see his daughter by legal means. Kathryn would make excuses and dodge David any way she could. Once she had to have breast implant surgery so she would not make it to the agreed upon drop off point. In December of 2014 David was supposed to have Ava for the Christmas holiday, and again in the summer of 2015. Somehow Kathryn managed to evade all of these visitations.

Ava & her father David

Once school was back in session David sent letters to Ava's school requesting, they inform him if Ava was ever absent. The school did reach out to David but only weeks after his daughter failed to attend. They were able to confirm Ava did attend at the beginning of the school year but has not shown up for the past twelve days by this point. This event is what started the nightmare for David and his family.

After David requested the courts grant him full custody, Kathryn and Ava disappeared on September 17, 2015. A Facebook page was created by an acquaintance of Kathryn's named Gus, in hopes of finding mother and daughter. It was through this page that a private detective from Florida joined. He reached out to Gus to inform him of a discovery he came across on Google Earth. In April of 2016, Kathryn’s vehicle, a silver 2014 Ford Escape, was found abandoned be hide a Firestone Tire in a San Antonio parking lot. This was the tip said private detective gave to Gus. In turn Gus gave the funds that he raised in a GoFundMe to this detective. Although a reward was raised, there is no proof the Florida detective ever existed or where the money really ended up. Kathryn's vehicle was given to a friend that had it stored and later sold.

Ava and Kathryn

The internet ran wild recently of claims a sensational mother and daughter duo on TikTok was the missing pair. The page was created titled BeBop & BeBe. The mother and daughter team created content videos of choreography dances and singalongs. Rumors started because people noticed how odd their videos were and how the background in many seem to be staged in a dark sense. Followers started commenting on such videos asking, “if they were in danger” and giving ways the pair could reach out for help. One commenter posted “Wear pink in the next video, if you need our help”. Strangely the mother and daughter pair would in fact wear pink in their next video. This is all just a conspiracy theory because they were looked into by law enforcement, and it has been confirmed that the famous mother and daughter are NOT Kathryn and Ava Baldwin. Tina and her family are very grateful for the viral conspiracy, since it through Avas case into the spotlight on so many social media platforms.

TikTok's famous mother and daughter BeBop & BeBe. Fully verified not to be Kathryn & Ava

What happened to them? According to Kathryn’s family, they believe both mother and daughter are deceased. They believe this because they don’t think Kathyrn could survive on her own without contacting any of them. Of course, we must take into consideration that they may be covering for Kathryn. On the other hand, David’s family wholeheartedly believe Ava is out there somewhere and Kathryn is either with or without her. in the past Kathyrn did try to give Ava to acquaintances to take care of while she lived in a shelter alone.

A signed letter giving people (in the past) premission to take Ava

Things didn’t work out as planned that time and was quickly found out. Could this be the case again? If so, who could she be staying with? Kathryn is said to use people for anything she can get her hands on. She has developed relationships with men in the past in hopes they will be the golden ticket she wants. She wants to be taken care of and has never worked in her life. Her brother has stated “she is too pretty to work”. Kathryn could be living in a shelter somewhere with or without Ava. Either way after September 17, 2015, Kathryn blended into society, and she has yet to resurface, with or without Ava. Kathryn could be the wolf that integrated in someone else's life.

A list of some aliases Kathryn may go by

NicMic age progression of what Ava may look like today. A actual photo of Kathryn.

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