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Growing up, everyone loves being around and living near family. Getting to visit grandparents and aunts and uncles was always a treat. Family can be there in the best of times and the worst of times. When a tragedy strikes, like a missing family member, it's up to the other members to rally and advocate for them. However, time can quickly pass and loved ones can pass, which leaves the voices calling attention to the missing person to go slowly silent. Today's story is for those who still need a voice, and to find answers for those who spent their lives searching. 

First, I want to thank Shayna at Light the Way for bringing Tina and Bethany’s story to my attention. Light the Way has taken on the advocacy for the mother and daughter after both Tina’s sister Sharon, and mother Mary, passed.

Bethany and her mother Tina

Tina Sinclair was born on November 29, 1966. Tina lived with her family in Battleboro Vermont. She was especially close to her sister Sharon. Tina eventually married a man, and the couple lived in Florida. Not much is known about those years but in October of 1985 Tina gave birth to her only child, a daughter, who she affectionately named Bethany. Bethany was raised in Florida up until 2000. Tina divorced Bethany’s father and left the state, moving back to New England. This move signified a new start for the mother and daughter. Tina was 34 years old, and Bethany was 14 years old in the year 2000. No one could have ever imagined less than a year later both would vanish without a trace.

Mother & Daughter

Tina met a man that same year, Eugene Van Bowman Jr. Although it is unclear how they met the pair hit it off and Tina and Bethany moved into Bowman’s home. (182 Mountain Road in Chesterfield, New Hampshire) three months into their dating relationship. According to Tina’s family everything seemed to be normal at first but quickly noticed a quick escalation in the couple’s arguments. They were frequent and the hopes of finding love all over again shortly diminished for Tina.

Eugene Van Bowman

In October of 2000, Tina's sister, Sharon and Tina's mother Mary, said that they became concerned for Bethany's safety because Eugene had been charged with sexually assaulting his eight-year-old daughter in the 1990's. Sharon wanted Bethany to come and live with her in Connecticut. This sparked a fight between the two sisters. Tina did not like the fact her sister was in her business and Tina related she had control of the situation. Sharon remembered Tina saying she would make plans to leave Eugene. This was the last time Sharon ever spoke to Tina. Weeks and months passed but both mother and daughter still resided in Eugene’s home.

Tina Sinclair

On Friday February 3, 2000, Bethany attended her usual classes at Keene High School. Tina also had a regular day at work as a home nurse. Bethany is described as a typical teenager. She was a good student who did well in her studies. She was popular and had a great social circle. Bethany also had a boyfriend, they had teen love. They shared a date together that evening before Bethany returned home. However, they spoke on the phone that night until approximately 11:30PM. Everything seemed normal, and the young couple made plans for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Her boyfriend was excited to gift her a ring he purchased for their first Valentine’s together. This was the last time Bethany, or her mother, were ever heard from.

Bethany Sinclair

It wasn’t until February 10, 2001, police were informed by Keene High School that Bethany had not been attending school. This call prompted police to do a welfare check at their residence. Upon arrival at 182 Mountain Road Eugene told authorities that he and Tina had an argument on February 4. He claimed that he left the house and returned later in the day. Eugene said that Tina and Bethany were not at home when he returned. All of their clothes appeared to be missing, but the remainder of their personal belongings, including Tina's fifteen-year-old cat and her vehicle, were still at the residence.

Eugene’s home bordered the Connecticut River, and a witness came forward stating he was seen on the river in his yellow Scat hovercraft at 4:30 a.m. on February 4. An extensive search of the area including inside the residence produced no concrete evidence of their whereabouts. As the investigation continued into the whereabouts of Tina and Bethany, they had a tip. An unidentified woman called Keene High School on February 5, the day after the Sinclair’s disappeared, to report Bethany was sick and would not be attending classes. Authorities today know who the caller is but have not released a name publicly. The last search was in 2014 in the Connecticut River, but authorities have not stated if anything of interest was recovered.

Police during the search for Tina & Bethany in the Connecticut River. Circa 2014

Tina’s sister Sharon stated she believed Tina was preparing to leave Eugene. They reportedly had a troubled relationship and Tina's relatives allege that Eugene was abusive. Sharon did not believe Tina left of her own accord with Bethany in February 2001. The Sinclair’s have not contacted any of their loved ones, although Tina had been close to her family members. There has not been any activity on Tina's bank account, cellular phone, or credit cards since her disappearance, and she never cashed her last paycheck. There has also been no activity on Tina's and Bethany's Social Security numbers. Eugene has reportedly refused to cooperate with investigators. He has not been named as a suspect but is being called a person of interest. Eugene was charged and convicted of the assault against his daughter. He was sentenced to 2-16 years in prison. Eugene served less than two years and is now walking the streets of West Chesterfield. The home he shared with Tina and Bethany has since been sold.

Eugene Bowman 2024

What happened to Tina and her daughter Bethany on the weekend of February 3, 2001? Bethany attended school that Friday and Tina had a normal day at work. The last time anyone spoke with either was later that night when Bethany and her boyfriend spoke on the phone. On February 4, 2001, Eugene was seen on the Connecticut River at 4AM on his hovercraft. There have been searches of the river but if the authorities have found anything they have not released that information. Sharon and Mary were steadfast in making noise and advocating for Tina and Bethany. In 2016 Sharon tragically passed due to a long illness with breast cancer at age 52. In 2021 Mary Lewis passed. Two of the fiercest women that were loud and spoke Tina and Bethany’s name everywhere. This year, 2024 we shall hold hope for answers but more importantly we shall gather and shout Tina and Bethany Sinclair’s name from the mountain top just like Sharon and Mary did.

I hope Sharon can rest easy. She did more than for Tina and Bethany's case. It is time for the rest of us to take over.

Sharon Garry

Please like and follow the Facebook page set up for Tina and Bethany. Although I am unsure who runs this page, just by taking a peek I can feel how much Tina and Bethany are loved and are missed deeply.

Also, like and follow Light the Way on Facebook

A post pulled from the Justice for Tina & Bethany Sinclair Facebook page.

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