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Rabbit Hole Of A Monster

Top Left Denise Beaudin, Bottom Left Jane Doe (Bear Brook Victim), Right, Denise Daneault

Denise Beaudin was 23 years old the last time her family seen her. She was last seen at her family’s home in Goffstown, New Hampshire for Thanksgiving dinner in November 1981. Denise had a child, a baby girl who was only six months of age in November 1981, her name was Dawn. In November 1981, Denise lived in Manchester, NH in the 900 block of Hayward Street. She was in a relationship with a man named Robert "Bob" Evans. Although the relationship was still new the two seemed to be fond of each other. Bob had been living in New Hampshire for a few years now. In 1980, he was arrested in New Hampshire and listed his spouse as Elizabeth Evans. That marriage seemed to be short lived when he quickly met Denise. He was working as an electrician at the Waumbec Mills in Manchester. He was a skilled electrician and mechanic. On December 1, 1981, Denise’s family went to her home to pay her visit. Armand Beaudin, Denise’s father wanted to invite the couple to a Christmas dinner later that month. Apon arrival there was no trace of anyone. Everything seemed to be uprooted and abandoned. Denise’s family knew the couple was facing some financial hardships and assumed the young couple packed up to start a new life somewhere. Because of this Denise’s family never reported her missing.

Photos of Rasmussen

In 1986, all the way across the country in Scotts Valley California. A single father name Gordon Jensen was living at an RV park with his daughter Lisa. Jensen, worked as a handy man at the RV park to make some ends meet. He was struggling being a single father and juggling daily life, he confided in his neighbors about this. He told anyone who would listen that Lisa’s mother was killed in an automobile accident, leaving him to raise Lisa all alone. Jensen's neighbors took a liking to Lisa and had come up with a plan. They had a daughter who was looking to adopt a child and they thought Lisa would be the perfect fit for her. They brought the idea to Jensen, and he agreed to allow their daughter to take Lisa on a small visitation to see if Lisa would fit into their lives. The prospective adoptive mother lived out of state but would only be gone with Lisa for a short time. Eyebrows were raised when Lisa started making inappropriate behaviors, suggesting she had been abused. The family took Lisa back to California to confront Jensen about his daughters’ suggestive behavior. By the time they arrived Jensen was long gone. He left Lisa with these people and abandoned her. They called law enforcement and if Gordon Jensen ever showed his face again, he would be charged with child abandonment. And his face he did show again. This time in 1989, Gordon ultimately severed a three-year sentence for the child abandonment charges but when he was released on parole he skipped town, fading into the atmosphere once again.

Photo of Eunsoon Jun

In 2002 Gordon was arrested for the murder of his wife Eunsoon Jun. She was 45 at the time and worked as a chemist for a biotech company. She was intelligent but also had an artistic side with pottery making. At the end of 1999, Eunsoon introduced her new boyfriend Larry Vanner to her family. She was head over heels for Larry and hoped that he was the one she had been searching for. Larry worked as a handyman and moved in with Eunsoon at her Richmond California home. In a fake ceremony the two married in 2001. In 2002 Eunsoon’s family realized she was fading into isolation. Slowly losing contact with everyone. Some would call or stop by the couple’s home but would only to be met with Larry. Depending on who was asking he had an answer for where his wife had gone. For friends, she left to take care of her sick mother. To family she took a trip out of town to check on some other properties the couple owned. It wasn’t until one friend had enough with the runarounds and contacted police and demanded a search be done on the property. When the police arrived, they found a strange scene in the basement of the home. There was a huge amount of cat litter piled up in the corner. They started to dig in between and when they did human remains were quickly exposed. They found the body of Eunsoon. Larry had killed her by blunt force trauma, dismembered her body and discarded it in the basement. Police arrested Larry and took him down to the station for questioning. This arrest started a rabbit hole they were not expecting to unearth.

When fingerprinting Larry at the station his prints came back to a man named Bob Evans. Bob Evans, as you recall, was in a relationship with Denise Beaudin from New Hampshire all those decades ago. Police are now connecting the dots between Bob Evans and Gordon Jensen. Gordon Jensen was charged with child abandonment charges in 1986 in California. Bob Evans and Gordon Jensen was uncovered as the same man. When they made this connection, they finally were able to DNA test Evans, Jensen, Vanner, to Lisa. Shocked, Lisa had no relation to this man.

In 2016 Lisa was able to submit her DNA to find out who she really was and where she had come from. Her DNA came back related to people in New Hampshire. Armand Beaudin had waited decades for his daughter Denise and his grandchild Dawn to resurface back into his life. Never expecting the outcome of this unthinkable story. They found baby Dawn who was now a full-grown adult but who was also Lisa. He recalls their reunion in a documentary called “The Chameleon Killer”. What a bittersweet moment it must have been because Denise was still missing, and Lisa can’t recall anything that may have happened all those years ago. Police believe Bob Evans killed Denise Beaudin and took off with Lisa, telling a tale that Lisa was his daughter and gaining sympathy as a single father.

The connection from New Hampshire started flooding investigators. In 1985 in Allenstown, New Hampshire there was a barrel found in the Bear Brook State Park. A solid metal container was discarded in the forest and when a hunter found it, he was curious but uncovered secrets another hunter was hoping to keep forever. This barrel container the remains of a young woman and a small female child. Having no missing persons case filed in the years surrounding the discovery, everyone was stumped. The remains were laid to rest in a local cemetery, hoping one day they would be able to identify them. In 2000 a new investigator for the Allenstown police department was looking into the case of the bodies in the barrels. He wanted to get an understanding of where they were found and took a drive to Bear Brook State Park where the bodies were found. He was not expecting to get the full experience while investigating. At the park while he was poking around uncovered a barrel just like the one police had in evidence from 1985. Listening to his gut he called for backup. When police were able to open the barrel, they found two more bodies. However, this barrel contained two children.

In 2016 when investigators realized Lisa was originally from New Hampshire but was found all the way in California. Police wondered if Denise Beaudin was the young female that was found in the first barrel in 1985. They did DNA testing on Lisa to compare it to the remains from Allenstown. Met with disappointment she was not related. They did uncover some clues, however. The woman that was found had matching DNA to two of the three children that were found discarded. More than likely these children were hers. So now police are dealing with a coverup of a mother and her two children which were never reported missing. They were stumped but everyone was determined to find out who these people were, they deserved their names back. Still suspecting Bob or Gordon could have something to do with this they tested his DNA against the remains. They were not expecting that the one child that was recovered in barrel two (in 2000) had no biological relation to the others but shared DNA with Bob Evans but more importantly was his own daughter.

In 2010 police met with Bob Evans in hopes he may want to reveal his identity. Bob was deteriorating physically in prison and the police knew they only had so much time to uncover the truth. He refused but they did have his DNA and within months they finally were able to figure out this monster’s true name. Terry Peder Rasmussen.

Photos over decades of Terry Rasmussen

In 2019 New Hampshire police announced the names of the remains that were found in barrels left to the wilderness in Bear Brook State Park. The adult woman real identity was Marlyse Honeychurch and her two small children, six-year-old Marie Vaughn and one year old Sarah McWaters. In 1978 Rasmussen was dating Marlyse and lived together in La Puente California. Her family last seen her on Thanksgiving of that year. Marlyse had an argument with her family and left the family home with her daughters and Rasmussen. The rest was a mystery until 2019 when they were able to ID their remains. However there remains one without her name or identity. The little girl no older than four shared Rasmussen’s DNA, making him her father. Only time will tell who she really is. Based on DNA taken from the child she is thought to have ties to Pearl River County, Mississippi. Isotope testing indicated that the child likely came from California, Oregon, Arizona, or Texas. Where is her mother? Police believe she was also a victim of Rasmussen yet to be uncovered. It is only a matter of time before all the answers resurface.

In researching Rasmussen, I was thrown down a rabbit hole of possible murders and disappearances he could be connected to. It is evident that Rasmussen killed and left Denise Beaudin somewhere she has yet to be unearthed.

Newspaper of when Denise Daneault vanished in 1980

There is another Denise that police and FBI strongly believe Rasmussen was involved in. Denise Ann Daneault was 25 years old in 1980. Denise lived in Manchester and was last seen on June 8, 1980. She was last seen leaving a private social club at 1:30AM in Manchester. She lived on the same street Rasmussen lived with Denise Beaudin the following year. It is confirmed Rasmussen lived on Haywood Street in 1980. Daneault was divorced and lived with her two sons and a roommate Tamara Leiby. Leiby became concerned for her friend after she failed to return home from having drinks at the Merrimack Club. Denise also failed to keep her Sunday appointment. In 2017 and 2019 police conducted searches for evidence in connection with her disappearance, they never released if anything was found. As if time stood still that June night Denise or anything relating to her disappearance has yet to be brought to light.

Photo of Laureen Rahn

Rasmussen may have had ties to the disappearances of Laureen Rahn, a 14-year-old girl living in Manchester with her mother on Merrimack Street. She disappeared from her home six weeks before Denise Daneault in April of 1980. Wherever Rasmussen ended up he mastered blending in, like a chameleon in its environment. Today we, the ones who have this fascination with what his life was like and ponder the lives he took. We who obsess over finding answers for the family of Denise Beaudin, Denise Daneault, little jane doe and her mother, or who was Elizabeth Evans, never expected to dive down a rabbit hole of a monster.

If you knew any of these missing persons covered in this story, reach out. I have personally tried to contact some, for a more in-depth story individually, because they are more than just a missing person and they deserve more coverage than what they've been given.

Rasmussen used many alaises, the known ones are listed below.

Robert "Bob" Evans

Curtis Mayo Kimball

Gordon Jensen

Larry Vanner

Gerry Mockerman

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